Pep to Mascherano: You know you're coming here to not play

The Argentine spoke to El Grafico about various periods of his career

Masche said he went 20 days without speaking to Messi after the Copa America 2016

Guardiola se fue del Barça con un grandísimo recuerdo de Mascherano |

Javier Mascherano spoke to El Grafico about his career and the surprising welcome he received from Pep Guardiola on his first day as a Barcelona player.

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“He received me with classical music and a phrase that I will never forget. ‘You know that you’re coming here to not play, right?’ I told him ‘Be calm, with me you’ll have no problems.’ And that’s the truth because that’s how I am, although many people might have a different image. I spoke a lot with Pep about football in the two years that I had. He asked me about Bielsa and the Premier League, he already had it in his head that he would manage there. Pep was always very restless, asking questions all the time.”

On his Barcelona future he said: “I am convinced that you have to end eras in your life and my Barcelona era is close to being ended. I think I know when, but I’m not going to say.”

Copa America 2016 final defeat: "After the final we went 20 days without speaking, each one taking charge of their own life, and later, bit by bit, we started to speak to each other again."


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