Pedro left Barcelona "to feel like an important player again" at Chelsea

Emotional and with all his former teammates present, Pedro Rodriguez said goodbye to FC Barcelona on Monday in a press conference which was not attended by Josep Maria Bartomeu, although Javier Bordas, Carles Villarrubi, Albert Soler and Robert Fernández were there. 

Sergio Vera

Under the watchful eye of his partner and his son, Bryan, who was joined by the young Thiago Messi, the Spain international had a lot to say at the Ciutat Esportiva Joan Gamper about his move to join up with Chelsea in the Premier League. 

Opening speech: There were many years here, since I arrived at La Masia and continued rising to the first team, making my dream a reality. I have always given my all in training and in matches, learning from the likes of Puyol, Iniesta and Valdes. I think I've done the best I could both on and off the pitch. I want to thank everyone. 

Decision to leave: I have always been ambitious and wanted to play minutes. That became complicated here and I knew that it was possible I could leave. I wanted to play in the important matches. The decision to league weighed me down, but I am looking forward to the new challenge. I hope I can return to feeling important in a team. I would have liked to retire here, but the circumstances have not allowed that. 

His renewal: I signed it thinking I would stay for a few more years, because I know that there is nowhere like here. But then came this opportunity, a club [made an offer] where I am looking forward to play. 

Barça sans Pedro: There are many players [at the club] and I don't think I will be missed. I will miss them, of course, at least as people! What hurts the most is to leave these magnificent people behind. But Barça will continue moving forward and having success. 

Sandro and Munir: I wish them, and everyone else, the best. They will have to work a lot if they want to play here, though, because it's really difficult. They have to take advantage of the chances the manager gives them. 

Memories: I've had so many unforgettable experiences with this club, what remains with me is the euphoria, completing objectives... I take with me the experience of sharing some incredible memories. 

Return as a rival? I would prefer not to meet Barça! It would be a strange sensation to play in Camp Nou [for another team], so I would prefer not to. 

The Premier League: The atmosphere is really good. The stadiums are full, the fans are really involved. The games are end-to-end and they really favour forwards. It's attractive for players and supporters."


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