Pedri prórroga: Barcelona midfielder's incredible extra time record

Pedri prórroga: Barcelona midfielder's incredible extra time record


The Barça star has played in 11 extra time periods by the age of 20

Pedri González has a huge amount of minutes behind him at barely 20 years old -- more typical of 27 year old. Since he broke onto the scene under Ronald Koeman, the midfielder from Tenerife has been a machine for accumulating game time. No transitions or slow development. Pedri was a starter from the first moment and, due to his good work and a small squad, he barely had a rest. Neither with Koeman, nor with Luis Enrique in the national team. Non-stop.

As a result of all this madness, at the start of the 2021/22 season, he was injured for the first time in a relatively serious way. However, it was a break that, without a doubt, also came in handy after playing both the European Championships and the Olympic Games. And to all that burden must be added endless extra times. As many as 11 after the one he played on Thursday against Real Betis in the Spanish Supercopa.


It seems unheard of (it should be) that a 20-year-old footballer has already played 11 extra times at the highest level as a professional. He has been involved in 14 games that have gone the distance, albeit he has only participated a total of 11 extra times. The most recent ones are the one in Qatar against Morocco (with a loss on penalties) and the one on Thursday in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

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