Pedri: Muscle? I prefer to have a brain and think quicker than the opponent

He spoke to SPORT in an interview about his start to Barca life

Pedri: ¿Músculo? Prefiero tener cabeza y pensar antes que el rival | Toni Juanmartí

Toni Juanmartí

Pedri Gonzalez needed little time to convince Koeman. The Tenerife-born midfielder arrived at Barca wanting to win a place in the team and so far he's had minutes in each of the three league games. Ahead of a possible Champions League and Clasico debut, the young star spoke to SPORT about his first months as a Cule.

The former Las Palmas player disagreed with Getafe's fitness coach Javier Vidal, who said that today players need a lot of muscle to succeed in football.

"In two years, whoever is not very strong will not play in the top flight. Thin or skeleton with good technique, you won't see it," said Vidal.

However Pedri was against that. "I don't see it like that," he said. "In football it's better to have a brain and think a second before theopponent to get ahead of what they will do. I prefer to have a brain to muscle."

He also spoke about meeting Leo Messi. 

"I will never forget it. I just came into the sports centre and there he was. I went to say hello to him and he told me, 'welcome, enjoy all this'. From there I let the air out and told myself, 'well, let's go and play'. He said that he was tingling in his stomach.

The full interview with Pedri can be read in SPORT on Friday, or online here, at Sport English.



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