Paulinho confirms he has an offer from Barcelona

The 28-year-old revealed his agent's held talks with the Catalan club

Happy in China, the Brazil midfielder is not sure what he will do yet

Así juega Paulinho |

Guangzhou Evergrande midfielder Paulinho has confirmed in an exclusive interview with that Barcelona have made him an offer. Paulinho, who is happy in the Chinese Super League, admitted that his agent is in talks with the Catalan club.

"There's been contact with my representative. There's an offer, it's true, and the two parties are talking. However, at the moment I'm really happy with my life and with my career. When you're in a situation like the one I'm in, it's difficult to decide," Paulinho said in the interview. 

Paulinho, then, has a genuine dilemma. On one hand he has the chance to play for one of the world's biggest clubs, and on the other he's enjoying things as they are in China. With a year to go until the World Cup, the risk of not playing as often could be a factor in his decision. Paulinho already had a difficult experience in Europe with Tottenham. 

Another factor could be physical, according to If he accepts the chance to move to Barça, he would have to play every three days, while in China the calendar is similar to the Brazilian one. 

"There are a lot of things that I have to weigh up to take a decision, one of them being my happiness. I think, first of all, the way things are with my partner here in China... We really like where we are, the people, how things are with the club, the success... The truth is that I don't know. On the other hand, I'm really proud that a great club like Barcelona are interested in my situation. That doesn't have a price," Paulinho added. 


"I don't have a window to give an answer. They spoke directly with my agent. Since there's been an offer and talks, they've been in contact with him on a daily basis. There's no window to say yes or no, given Barcelona still need to negotiate with Guangzhou. However, the final decision will be taken by me," Paulinho explained in the interview. 

Paulinho did say, though, that he would like things to be solved as soon as possible so that there are no problems for the clubs. "I hope to speak with Giuliano, my agent. It's better for all parties if we decide on our stance as soon as possible. If I stay, Barcelona would have other options and if I left, Guangzhou would have the chance to look for another signing," he said. 


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