Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar's price reduces significantly

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar's price reduces significantly

Los datos de Neymar y sus estadísticas en el PSG esta temporada / | ZML

A study by KPMG says he's now worth a lot less than the 222 million paid for him in 2017

The market value of Paris Saint-Germain striker Kylian Mbappe could be 20 percent less at the end of the current season due to the coronavirus crisis. 

A study into the cost of players says there will be a "new order" in the transfer market after the pandemic and that signings may not be as expensive. 

"The coronavirus crisis will  have an impact on the value if players (...) The financial restrictions will probably drive a drop in the number of transactions, with clubs favouring loans or player exchanges," explain the 'Football Benchmark' team at KPMG.

Mbappe, wanted by Real Madrid, joined PSG three years ago and had a value of 225 million euros until recently, an increase on the 180 million the French champions paid for him. However, Covid-19 could see his price drop as low as 177 million. 

Another example of a steep price reduction is Neymar, also of PSG. In total, the Brazilian's cost could fall 21.7 percent, from 177 million to 137 million. PSG paid 222 million for the 28-year-old, who's wanted by former club Barcelona. 

"Our recent analysis reveals that the aggregate value of all the 4,183 players in the 10 European leagues under consideration decreased by a total of almost EUR 10 billion, a 26.5 percent drop since February for Scenario 1," said latest Football Benchmark report.

"Players' values would decrease by EUR 6.6 billion, a 17.7 percent decrease in Scenario 2."


Player FEB'20 // MAY'20 (If football doesn't come back) // MAY'20 (If football doesn come back).


Kylian Mbappé 225 mill.€ - 177 - 188.

Neymar Junior 175 - 137 - 149.

Lionel Messi 175 - 127 - 134.

Eden Hazard 136 - 96 - 101.

Antoine Griezmann 119 - 89 - 95.

Frenkie de Jong 109 - 79 - 94.

Timo Werner 94 - 79 - 83. 

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