Paris Saint-Germain are now asking for 180 million euros for Neymar

The club have dropped their demands amid the lack of interest in the Brazilian

Neymar vale 180 millones según el PSG | sport

Negotiating with Paris Saint-Germain has never been easy and for Barcelona it's been impossible. A deal to bring Neymar back was seen as a pipe dream weeks ago, but the player's determination to leave the French club has opened the door. 

Everything is very delicate but there's been a change. Barça's first questions about a deal were met with a cold response, with PSG demanding 300 million euros for the player. The number now, though, has dropped to 180 million and there's room to keep on talking, although PSG warn they will only accept cash and don't want to hear anything about a player exchange. 

Barça's advances have always been met by a Leonardo, PSG's sporting director, who is willing to listen. He is of the opinion that Neymar should leave the club. 

Coach Thomas Tuchel and Leonardo have studied the possibilities and are of the same opinion as PSG's owners: A player exchange to reduce the price would leave the Ligue 1 champions as the clear losers. Barça have drawn up various scenarios, with Philippe Coutinho the most likely to be involved, but PSG have stood firm. They only want money. 

Neymar's exit will allow them to get back in line with UEFA's Financial Fair Play regulations and give them the chance to sign two top-level players. And they want to choose what players. 



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