Ousmane Dembele's new life after the crisis


Ousmane Dembele's new life after the crisis

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The winger can walk away at the end of the season for free but is still being picked

Ousmane Dembele is breathing freely. He made it through January and is not frozen out of the team, and now he is starting a ‘new life’.

Xavi decided he will be active in the final months of the season and he appeared against Espanyol from the bench. Despite the disappointment in him from the club, they have decided ‘not to shoot themselves in the foot’ as Xavi put it.

Dembele will walk away for free in the summer barring a sudden big twist that sees him renew.

Dembele is sticking with the positives. He is not bringing a bad vibe to Barcelona, in fact, the opposite. He is happier than ever. He is a good friend of Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, whom he played with at Borussia Dortmund. The winger is inseparable from the forward.

Ousmane feels comfortable in the dressing room, where he has a good relationship with Lenglet and Umtiti, for example, and gets on well with the youngsters especially. He jokes with them although sometimes “it takes a while for him to get the joke”. He’s an unconventional guy, but people generally like him.

“He arrives, trains like anyone else, and goes relatively unnoticed,” dressing room sources say. Ousmane has never made a lot of noise and he has not changed his attitude despite the situation.

He still has something tough to go through; returning to play at Camp Nou. There is split opinion among supporters and until the end of the season it will be an issue.

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