Ousmane Dembele has not accepted PSG offer yet

Ousmane Dembele has not accepted PSG offer yet

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Ousmane Dembélé has not yet accepted Paris Saint-Germain's financial offer to join the Parisian club, despite the fact that his unequivocal intention is to move to another country, and this is what he has told the Catalan giants in a letter.

As of today, however, the 'Mosquito' has not yet said 'yes' to this proposal, although the club are convinced that he will accept it and in fact he has time to do so.

Let's remember that on the last day of July, before the deadline expired, the Parisian club offered 50 million euros, the amount stipulated in the player's termination clause before it was doubled in August, and this activated a period of five days, in which the player had to accept the multi-million dollar offer proposed by PSG.

A five-season contract and an annual salary of 20 million euros have been agreed for the winger, and Barça are in no doubt that he will be heading to Paris.

Dembélé is delaying his decision as his agents are looking into the contractual aspects of the offer presented by Paris Saint-Germain, which is sure to be complex, and the whole issue of the termination clause, which has caused a big mess due to different interpretations at the various clubs.

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