Operation Neymar: Rakitic, Dembele on loan, 125 million euros

The Croatian's inclusion could be the final unblocking point for the deal

El Barça incluye a Rakitic en una nueva propuesta del conjunto azulgrana al PSG | sport

Lluís Mascaró

Barcelona and PSG’s deal for Neymar is drawing closer and SPORT have learned from sources close to the deal that there is a new tack which could be the one that seals the deal.

SPORT already reported that PSG wanted Dembele, and after conversations with Barcelona, they could accept that in the form of a loan. Ivan Rakitic has now been brought into the conversation.

Rakitic would move as a transfer and the player has told Barca that he would accept that. With the two players, Barcelona would pay 125 million euros.

The inclusion of Rakitic could be the unblocker needed to seal the deal.

Barcelona’s salary bill would also be reduced with Dembele and Rakitic going, necessary to incorporate Neymar.

PSG would be happy with Dembele able to replace the Brazilian and Rakitic adding weight to their midfield.




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