One upcoming problem at Barça: Who will wear the no.7 shirt next season?

With Griezmann set to join the club, could he take the number seven shirt away from Coutinho?

Coutinho celebró con furia su gol ante el Manchester United logrado en cuartos de final de la temporada pasada en la Champions League | MEDIAPRO

The imminent arrival of Antoine Griezmann at Barça is set to spark another debate: Who will wear the number seven shirt next season?

Toni Frieros


Griezmann has always worn number '7' at Atletico Madrid but that is currently held by Philippe Coutinho. If the Brazilian doesn't end up leaving the club, Griezmann would need to choose another one.

The reason behind Griezmann's desire to wear the number '7' is because it's the same one his idol, David Beckham, used to wear.

Of course, on the grand scale of things, this is one of the more minor debates. Coutinho's future is far from assured and even less so if Neymar ends up joining Barça as well this summer.


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