Neymar's family already preparing his arrival in Barcelona

Neymar's mother and sister are in the Catalan capital getting things ready

 El brasileño ha anotado 15 dianas con el PSG en la competición regular este curso | Perform

Neymar Jr is preparing to arrive in Barcelona. The Brazilian crack is wanted by the Catalans who are trying to strike a deal with PSG. Philippe Coutinho and Ousmane Dembele may end up being included in part of the deal.

SPORT have learned that Neymar’s family have been put in charge of the logistics of his switch.

Like in 2013, the mother of the player - Nadine Conclaves - and his sister Rafaella Santos have landed in the Catalan capital to take care of logistics questions and places to live etc.

They have both been in Barcelona for a few weeks where they are trying to find a family home and make it ready for the summer. They want the same place they lived in before during Ney’s stay in Barcelona between 2013-17.

Ney would like to live in Pedralbes again, a neighbourhood he likes and where he told Arthur Melo to live when he asked for advice.

Neymar wants the same family environment he had in his first stay. He will bring his own physical trainer again, Ricardo Rosa, who accompanied him at Barca before and in his adventure in Paris.



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