Neymar's court case against Barça will go ahead as planned this Friday

It doesn't appear likely the two sides will reach an agreement before the case is officially heard in Barcelona

Dos partidos, dos goles: Neymar volvió a dar la victoria al PSG con este...¡GOLAZO! | PERFORM

If you thought the headlines involving Neymar Junior and FC Barcelona were over until January at least, you were mistaken. According to SPORT sources, the court case involving the Brazilian against his former club will go ahead as planned this Friday.

Albert Masnou

Neymar believes he is due the rest of his payment after signing a new deal with Barça in 2016. The club, for their part, is claiming they want a percentage of the money paid to him - €20M - returned after the Brazilian ended up joining PSG.

The now PSG star wants the rest of his signing on bonus - almost €44m - alongside interest which has accrued since the delays took place.

Neymar isn't required to attend the case but it remains unclear what he'll do. Josep Maria Bartomeu won't be there but Neymar's father will be in attendance.

The case is set to be heard at the Ciudad de la Justicia in Barcelona on Friday at 9:45am.


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