Neymar will be given a "super-contract" by Barcelona

FC Barcelona cannot register new players until January. In the winter window they will have new players, but it will also be a month in which they will begin to address one of the most important negotiations in the Blaugrana sporting future.

Neymar Jr is a player already placed among the best in the world, but economically his contract is not yet at an appropriate side. His salary is related to other issues, including advertising, but his current contractual relationship with the club is not in line with what you might expect.

The club is aware that in 2016 they will have to deal with the matter and the intention is to reward the crack as he deserves. Sandro Rosell gave his word to the player and his handlers that after two and a half years he would have an improvement if his performances were excellent.

The player has accomplished what he has set out to do on the field and Josep Maria Bartomeu will keep the word of the former president. On Barcelona's agenda as a priority is to negotiate with the player's representatives and try to reach an agreement before the end of the season.

The intention of the player is to ask for a substantial improvement. His current contract, according to what the club published, stipulates that he should receive 44 million euros in five years. This means 8.8 million euros per season, plus seven more in variables. Neymar is not currently located in the top bracket of best paid footballers and renewal would see him placed as second, only behind Leo Messi.

The Brazilian wants to remove the variables and have a fixed 14 million per season. This amount would then have another three million added in incentives. Barca know that the numbers will move around these parameters, but the talks will be complex many clauses and details of all types will be discussed.

Neymar is patient and waiting for the outcome of the vote for the Ballon d'Or. Should he be among the three finalists his standing would increase significantly and his agents would have a stronger position to negotiate.

The player also has Manchester United's interest on his side. The English club offers €20 million euros per season, an amount to which Barcelona would not match.

Neymar has already given orders to his people that he seeks to reach a point of agreement and avoid much controversy. The player made his intentions clear when he finished the match against Malaga. Asked about the interest of United, the crack was blunt: "When they speak about these things I don't listen. The fans can rest easy, I am happy at Barcelona."

The player has found his ideal destination, with a style of play that fits perfectly with his game, and is fully satisfied at a professional level as the team are winning titles. The treble filled him with joy and helped lift him even higher as a world star.

Neymar trusts his people and now wants to focus exclusively on starting the season on the right foot after the ordeal that meant missing the first official games with mumps.

His comeback against Malaga was successful. He did not score, but offered much to the side. The friendlies with Brazil should be useful in acquiring match fitness and help him return at a very high level against Atletico Madrid.

Neymar wants to demonstrate that he is not only a player for now, but that he can create the sporting future of the club for many years. This is his hope and that of the club.


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