Neymar takes the first step towards Barcelona

The Brazilian wants to make peace with the board after he fled

Neymar quiere normalizar relaciones con el Barça | Rubén Moreno

No big public apology, just stabilising the relationship with the Barcelona board. That is what Neymar wants at the start of the summer which could prove to be extremely turbulent, with many big names changing sides.

Joaquim Piera


That the doors are open for Neymar at Barca was left evident by his visit in 2017, not even three months after signing for PSG, stopping by with his don Davi Lucca.

It’s no secret, the nucleus of Barcelona’s dressing room would like his hypothetical return, if the club decide to make a big decision after their collapse at Anfield.

The desire of these players is one thing, but it would be a very hard operation for Barcelona to handle. At the moment Neymar’s return is improbable.

Neymar wants communication channels open with all his potential destinations, if he can find a way through the PSG prison wall. And Barcelona is absolutely a priority for the forward. If it was up to him and him only, he’d be a Barca player this summer.

That Barca have held, since August 2017, a cheque for 26 million euros for his contract bonus with a notary is not an unsalvageable situation.

Neymar has not got in contact with Barca yet, nor vice-versa. Everything is right at the beginning.

When they make contract it will be in natural form, in Brazil, where he is already, preparing for the Copa America.

Barcelona will listen to what Neymar has to say and from there start to work out what to do. Neymar will tell Barca that the money from his bonus is not a problem in the negotiations and instead is a tool that can be used in the deal.


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