Neymar preferred to go to Real Madrid ahead of Barca

Until August 20, the Brazilian was trying to go to Los Blancos

Neymar continúa en racha desde su vuelta al equipo: gol al Angers | Perform

In August Neymar was the centre of attention as he tried to get out of PSG. Per Marca, he wanted to move to Real Madrid and only turned to Barcelona when Los Blancos pulled out of the bidding.

Javier Villodres

Neymar spoke with four Madrid players - Sergio Ramos, Luka Modric, Marcelo and Casemiro - to try and get a move to the Spanish capital.

Marca say the conversations between Ramos and Neymar were frequent and it was for that the defender came out and spoke various times to the media about opening the doors for Neymar.

Eventually the high cost of the deal and players like James and Gareth Bale not leaving meant Madrid abandoned their move. After that Neymar tried to get a return to Barcelona.


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