Neymar McDonalds ads taken down in Mecca after causing offence

An advert which Neymar stars in has provoked some controversy in Mecca. Pictures of him eating a hamburger from McDonalds have upset people in Saudi Arabia, with the adverts taken away from streets.

According to a local newspaper the decision to take them down was because they violated religious sanctity.

American company McDonalds took down the posters of the player eating after a critical campaign started against them on social media. 

A spokesman for the council, Ozman Mali, said in a statement they informed McDonalds about what people thought about the adverts. 

He also announced that they will request the relevant bodies to consider this situation in the future, out of respect for Mecca and the feelings of Muslims.

Neither the authorities nor McDonalds have clarified whether the measure is related to the Christian signs Neymar usually makes on the pitch.

Mecca is the most important holy city of Islam and is attended by millions of faithfuls every year as part of the great pilgrimage.


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