Neymar has told PSG's president Al-Khelaifi he doesn't want to stay

The samba star didn't stay in Paris with the squad until the end of the season and instead decided to fly back to Brazil without permission

Abandonó el club a final de temporada antes de tiempo y sin pedir permiso, asqueado de todo

Fuentes cercanas a Neymar cuentan a SPORT que el futoblista nunca fue feliz en París y siempre pensó en el Barça | Maite Jiménez

Albert Masnou

Since the 8th August 2017 when Neymar confirmed his departure from Barcelona, he's constantly clashed with the PSG powers that be. "He's never been happy in Paris," is what people close to the player have told SPORT. His joy in the 'city of love' lasted only a few weeks.

That's because it didn't take long for him to realise what a big mistake he'd made by leaving Barcelona. There were a lot of groups already formed in the Paris dressing room and he immediately clashed with Cavani over who would take a penalty. Then there was the rough treatment he received from his opponents, a league without any real competition, small stadiums which are rarely full, his bad relationship with the local press as well as his injury problems.

Neymar has never felt comfortable in PSG shirt and his biggest crutch, in shape of injuries, came at crucial stages of the Champions League in both seasons. That feeling of uncomfortableness caused his relationship with the president, Nasser Al Khelaifi to deteriorate. In his first season at the club, PSG told him not to undergo an operation to cure an injury. However, in Brazil, they had a different opinion because they wanted him fit for the World Cup. Al Khelaifi travelled to Brazil personally to tell him not to leave PSG.

"Neymar hasn't stopped comparing PSG with Barça," is what the same sources tell SPORT. He sees PSG as "a small club" built up to appear as a big one. Neymar preferred the setup at Barcelona and how everything worked, there was a plan, and he hasn't found that in Paris.

At the end of his first season at PSG he had already decided he wanted out. He went as far as to tell his father: "Take me back to Barça."

His relationship with a load of the players and in particular, Lionel Messi, were crucial to his desire for a return. At the end of this last season, PSG lost five, drew one, and won just three of their last nine matches. Neymar spoke with the president to ask for a transfer away and he went to Brazil before the season was over and didn't say goodbye to anyone. The club didn't give him permission to leave either.

According to sources close to the player, the tension between Neymar and Al Khelaifi is high after the president's recent public comments which many felt were directed at Neymar.

Neymar doesn't want to return to Paris because he feels that stage of his career is now over - and he's told them as much. The incoming director of football at PSG, Leonardo, also knows this and his first task is to find a buyer for the Brazilian star. Neymar and PSG are going through a very public and messy divorce. For this reason, the player wants a move to be finalised before the start of the preseason where PSG are set to face Espanyol in China. Instead, Neymar wants to be in Japan with Barcelona.



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