Neymar admits he wanted to quit PSG and rejoin Barcelona

Neymar admits he wanted to quit PSG and rejoin Barcelona

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The Brazilian forward pushed for a return to Camp Nou in 2019 and 2020

Paris Saint-Germain forward Neymar has confessed in his Netflix documentary that he wanted to quit the French club to rejoin Barcelona and reunite with Lionel Messi. 

The Brazilian, who has never spoken so sincerely about his desire to return to Barça before, said he had made his mind up and his father, who is also his agent, had started conversations with the Catalan club to close an agreement. 

The former Santos forward left Barça in 2017 and remains the most expensive signing ever at €222 million. The decision to leave was the player's alone. 

Neymar wanted to leave PSG, though, to return to Barça and play alongside Messi again, but his contract ran until 2023 and the club did not want to sell him. 

"When I made the decision to leave PSG, it wasn't because of a fan or a club," he said in the documentary. 

"It's because I saw that I felt better elsewhere. I never had anything against PSG supporters, nor against the club itself. It was never that. 

"On the contrary. I am very grateful, we are on the same side, we defend the same shirt. I am here to help."

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