Mourinho calls Barcelona to negotiate a Roma deal for Bellerin

Mourinho calls Barcelona to negotiate a Roma deal for Bellerin

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The Roma coach is on the hunt for a right-back in January

Roma coach Jose Mourinho has called Barcelona to request the loan of Héctor Bellerín after being left without a right-back due to his fallout with Rick Karsdorp, whom he accused of being a traitor after the league game against Sassuolo (1-1) and showed him the door to leave.

The Dutch player was not called up for the next Roma match. He went on vacation after saying goodbye to his teammates and traveled with his family to Amsterdam, taking advantage of the World Cup break, a move that is understood as the confirmation of his goodbye to Roma, who are determined to transfer him this January.

Meanwhile, Mourinho is looking at other options and, according to Estadio Deportivo, he has settled on Bellerín, whom he knows well from his time in London and who is not having regular minutes under Xavi Hernández at Barcelona. The Portuguese coach considers that Bellerín is the most suitable player for his style of play in Rome, 3-5-2.

Roma have transferred their interest to Barça for what would be a low-cost transfer of Bellerín or, taking into account that his contract ends in June, a loan for the second part of the season.

However, Roma arrive late considering that Bellerín has already committed to Betis when his contract with Barcelona expires.

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