Monchi: I think it will be really difficult to bring Rakitic to Sevilla

The Sevilla sporting director spoke about the club's interest in the Barça midfielder

Siguen las charlas entre Setién y Rakitic | FCB

Sevilla sporting director Monchi continues his tactic of distancing the club from a move for Ivan Rakitic with the hope of signing him for free. 

Lluís Miguelsanz

Lluís Miguelsanz

In an interview with Diario de Sevilla, he doesn't deny the door will always be open to the Croatian, although he claims that it may not be possible at a price. 

"Ivan's a player that, for what he's said, would like to return to Sevilla one day," he said. "Would I personally want him back? I don't hide that he's my friend, but as of today it's very difficult, if not impossible. 

"More difficult things have happened in football, but I don't see it in the short term. It's so difficult financially that I don't see it."  

Sevilla can only sign Rakitic if Barça let him leave for free or by paying a small, symbolic amount of compensation to the Catalan club. 

Rakitic is out of contract in 2021, when he can leave for free, but would be keen to return to Sevilla this summer if possible. 



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