Messi wins a case against 'La Razon' newspaper

The journalist Alfonso Ussia wrote things such as "What does Nandrolone have? / It has lost its rhythm, its tone / although they have moulded him a lovely toupee", in newspaper 'La Razon' on July 14, one day after Argentina lost the World Cup final to Germany.

The tone and opinions expressed in the article entitled "Sonatina" went much further than what could be considered journalistic licence, even taking into account that it was an opinion piece. That at least is the decision made by the provincial court of Barcelona, which punishes 'La Razon', its director, Francisco Marhuenda, and the writer of the article , Alfonso Ussia, to pay 64,590.79 euros to the player Lionel Messi.

The player's company Leo Messi Management made the decision public and stated that the judge explained in his verdict, which confirms the decision made by the Gava courts, that the opinions included in the article are "unnecessary and impertinent for the exposition of the ideas or opinions that the journalist attempts to transmit in the article, and are objectively insulting and offensive despite the dimension of the player's public image and the pluralism, tolerance and open spirit which should reign in a modern society".

The court fixed compensation of nearly 65,000 euros for the damages caused to the player and also decided that the losing parties pay the cost of proceedings. The Argentine player has requested that the full amount be donated to the organisation 'Doctors Without Borders'.


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