Messi reveals: his best goal, his toughest rival and his favourite coach

The Barça captain looked back over his career in an interview with RAC1

Hace diez años el FC Barcelona conseguía su tercera Champions League  | sport

Lionel Messi has looked back over his career in an interview Catalan radio station RAC1, commenting on his best goal, his toughest rival, the strongest defences he's faced and his favourite coach. 

"It's difficult to choose one moment, I have had so many over the years," he said when asked for his favourite moment with Barcelona or Argentina. "I think maybe the era with Guardiola was one of the best for me as a player." 

As for his worst moment? "The worst was 2013, 2014, with the Hacienda, I was injured for two or three months, I went to Argentina." 

Of over 600 goals, he was able to pick one, saying that "my best goal was the one in (against Manchester United) in Rome with my head in the Champions League final." 

Messi said the English sides always have the strongest defences, "especially in recent years" and that the toughest side he's come across was the Spain side which won the Euros and the World Cup. 

As for coaches, he said that "the best coach I have had I think is Guardiola, the best of all of them, with Luis Enrique very close." 

And looking at best players, Messi admitted that he misses Cristiano Ronaldo and he would have liked him to remain in Spain with Real Madrid. "It was a plus for the rivalry," he said. 



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