Messi opens up on his relationship with Catalonia

Messi opens up on his relationship with Catalonia

Leo Messi has spent more time in Barcelona now than in Rosario

You've spent 13 years in Rosario and 17 in Barcelona. More than half your life in a city which has welcomed you with open arms from the off. A lot's been said about what you mean to Barcelona. What does Barcelona mean to you? 

Everything. It's given me everything since I got here, both the city and the club. I am grateful and happy to live in Barcelona and play for the best club in the world. 

And the city? Keeping in mind how happy you seem and the fact your family's roots are here. Do you think you will stay living here? 

I feel from here. I came here as a 13 year old, I grew up here, I was made here. When I first came here, for three or four days I was just another tourist. I did everything. Later, I move to Catelldefels to make my life there, with my family and my children. For that reason, I'm not seen so much in the city but I love Barcelona and the way of living here. 

And Catalonia...

My kids are more from here than me! They have Argentine roots but all their routines are Catalan. 

They eat a lot pan con tomate?

Yes, of course! 

And speak Catalan at home?

Yes, the little one [Mateo], he says a lot of things. Thiago less. I understand it all. 

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