Messi on football's return: I am ready to go for that Cup once again

Leo Messi uploaded a video to social media ahead of LaLiga's return

El video de Adidas sobre Messi con la cuenta atrás del fútbol | Adidas

Leo Messi, one day before the return of La Liga following the coronavirus pause of football across Spain, has uploaded a video expressing his excitement as Barcelona prepare for Saturday's game at Mallorca. 

Accompanied by images from lockdown, playing with his kids and touching the ball, Messi also archive images from the World Cups he has played in with Argentina. It's a video sponsored by Adidas and goes beyond the return of the Spanish league. Messi has many trophies ahead of him, both collectively and individually, as objectives. 

In the video, Messi says that "being away from the pitch made me think. Like any other player, I just want to play again. Because playing is a prize. And with the fans that follow, it's even more beautiful. To inspire others and to be inspired by others. Maybe the most important Cup of all... is bringing happiness to everyone." 

Messi finished with the following phrase: "Now that football has returned, I am ready to go for that Cup once again." 



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