Messi is tired of the noise around his future and keen to make a decision

Messi is tired of the noise around his future and keen to make a decision

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The forward cannot wait for Barça forever and will make a decision this week

Lionel Messi is going through a complicated phase in his life because his desire to return to Barcelona, as his father Jorge explained on Monday after the meeting with Joan Laporta, is clashing with the harsh reality of the Catalan giants, who are not in a position to present him with an offer. Messi, as SPORT have learned, is touched emotionally by the situation. He is the best in the world, it is not an economic issue, and he cannot go where he wants.

At the same time, he needs to decide soon which path his sporting career will take. The timings that the player has are different from those of Barcelona. Messi intends to decide in the next few hours, between Tuesday and Wednesday, where he will play next season and, therefore, take a weight off his shoulders. Messi is tired of all this that is being generated around him, which is why he is going to make the decision quickly, imminently.

Not related to money

As we said, it is not a question of money because if it were up to Messi, he would come to Barcelona for free, earning the minimum salary required by LaLiga, around 200,000 euros a year. However, the league itself is holding back Messi's arrival because there is a committee that dictates the fictitious salary that Leo Messi should be paid, which is 25 million euros, 25% of his last salary in the Spanish league. Barça, even if they paid 200,000 euros, would have to count the wage as 25 million. It is a strange situation that puts even more obstacles in the way of the return of Leo who, as we said, is tired of so much noise and can not see the end of the tunnel.

Messi is going to decide his future imminently and it remains to be seen whether he will decide to wait for Barça or, on the other hand, go to Saudi Arabia or the United States.

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