Messi: If we don't change many things, we won't beat Napoli

Messi: If we don't change many things, we won't beat Napoli

 Messi se mostró muy crítico tras el partido ante Osasuna / | Movistar+

The Barcelona captain spoke to Movistar after Real Madrid clinched La Liga

After Barcelona lost 2-1 to Osasuna on Thursday, club captain Lionel Messi spoke to Movistar, calling for the club to be self-critical and demanding changes ahead of the Napoli game in the Champions League. 

The genius from Rosario said "we didn't expect or want La Liga to end like this but it's a reflection of our year. We were inconsistent, weak, teams beat us for intensity and scored goals against us easily. We lost a lot of points we shouldn't have."  


Messi didn't want to downplay Madrid's achievement in winning all their games since La Liga restarted but was also keen to stress that Barça must blame themselves. 

"Madrid did what they had to do," he added. "They haven't lost a game since the restart, which deserves credit, but we have helped them by dropping points we should not have dropped. 

"We must be self-critical, starting with the players, but across the whole club. Madrid won all their games but we are Barcelona and we're obliged to win every game. We have to look at ourselves, not the opposition, and the performances in recent games have left a lot to be desired." 


Despite losing the league, Barça can still win the Champions League, but Messi says a lot needs to change before the Napoli game. 

"I said a while ago continuing as we were it would be hard to win the Champions League and it's not been enough to win La Liga," he said. "And if we don't react and make changes we will not beat Napoli." 

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Finally, his message to the fans: "The fans are angry with all that's gone on this season and it's normal, we are also angry. It's normal that they feel like this and that, after the defeats against Roma and Liverpool, they are losing patience because we're not giving them anything."  

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