Meeting imminent to negotiate Lewandowski's Bayern Munich exit

Meeting imminent to negotiate Lewandowski's Bayern Munich exit

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The forward has told the club he wants to leave; Barcelona are waiting in the wings

The strategy is working and Robert Lewandowski is taking giant steps towards Barcelona. On Saturday, the striker confirmed his desire to leave Bayern Munich. It makes a step back unlikely and puts the ball in Bayern's court. The issue is heating up and his agent, Pini Zahavi, plans to hold a meeting in Munich soon. The situation is tense and everyone wants a resolution as soon as possible.

Lewandowski has decided to leave Bayern. He believes his cycle there has ended and was disappointed with their contract offer -- in terms of length and salary -- with his current terms up in 2023. He needs a top team for his next step and that opportunity has come up at Camp Nou. Barça need a star signing in attack who can perform immediately. Everything has been brewing since January.

For now, Barça have not opened talks with Bayern pending Zahavi's next meeting with the German club this coming week. Bayern have filtered that 40 million euros would be the fee. Despite that, Zahavi plans to open negotiations and nothing is ruled out at this stage. The idea is to close things quickly, although Barça have no rush. The player, though, would like to go on holiday with his future known after the Bundesliga season ended this weekend.

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