Matias Messi on ‘cleaning’ Joan Laporta from Barca for a Messi return

Matias Messi on ‘cleaning’ Joan Laporta from Barca for a Messi return

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The brother of the former Barcelona star came out with some explosive lines

Matias Messi, Leo Messi's brother, spoke on the Twich channel Labajada10 of his son Tomy, where he spoke about a possible return of the Argentina to Barcelona - and his quotes could not have been more explosive.

In the chat he was asked if Messi would return to FC Barcelona, to his former home, and Messi's brother answered with a personal anecdote revealing his opinion about it.

"I have a clipping pasted from SPORT, from Barcelona, that says 'Messi should return to Barcelona' and I put 'hahahaha we are not going to return to Barcelona' and if we return, we are going to do a good cleaning, among others kick out Joan Laporta, an ungrateful person".

A total statement of intent about what the footballer's future could be.

"People should have gone out and marched asking for Laporta to leave and for Messi to stay," he continued.

"The FC Barcelona museum is Messi's museum. The Spaniards are traitors."

In the chat he was also asked whether he preferred Gavi or Pedri, and Matias Messi was also very blunt: "I don't like either of them, but if I have to choose one, I'll choose Gavi".

In addition, Matías Messi explained that his mother, and therefore Leo Messi's mother, once told him: "They are going to do the same to him as they did to Ronaldinho".

His statements did not stop there. The Rosarino's brother also spoke about the rivalry between FC Barcelona and Real Madrid and once again praised the figure of Leo: "Barcelona started to be known because of Messi".

Leo Messi left Barcelona in August 2021 in a press conference where he could not hide his tears.

Laporta tried to renew his deal, but Financial Fair Play prevented any attempt to extend his contract.

In this sad way, the Argentinian said goodbye to a glorious career wearing Blaugrana and to a city where he had spent more than half his life.

With no chance of remaining a Barça player, Messi left for PSG on a free transfer.

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