Martin Braithwaite's revenge causing Barça to climb the walls

Martin Braithwaite's revenge causing Barça to climb the walls

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The Danish striker has no interest in leaving and he will have to be sacked

Barcelona are climbing the walls over the Martin Braithwaite issue. The Danish striker has taken the decision to block any move away and will not do anything until the club sack him and pay him for the two years he has left on his deal. Braithwaite wanted to stay at Camp Nou and he is applying his own revenge for the club trying to get rid of him by blocking any option of negotiating and this attitude has led the board to give up hope.

He could have left in January after injury but wanted to establish himself at Barcelona, but didn’t get the chance to.

Braithwaite’s attitude has persisted despite the fact that Xavi spoke with him personally and made his future clear: there wouldn’t be one for him at Barça. The coach has always said he’s been satisfied with the striker’s professionalism and capacity to work but he never entered into his plans.

Barcelona signed him for €18 million to replace the injured Luis Suarez, and told the forward that he was there to help in the short term. Braithwaite was the chosen forward because he had a market to be sold on in the future, but when it was time to leave, he never wanted to go, insisting he got the chance of making it at Barça. 

Now Barcelona understand they will have to sack him and give up as losses the €18 million invested in him.

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