Marta Pineda, Sandro Rosell's wife: "Justice has been done"

Marta Pineda celebrated the decision of the National Court to let Rosell go

El vídeo de la emotiva llegada de Rosell a Barcelona | Maite Jiménez

Marta Pineda, the wife of Sandro Rosell, celebrated that the National Court has acquitted him of alleged money laundering and criminal organisation. Marta Pineda told RAC1 that "I am very satisfied, after two years of struggle what we defended has been shown, it is a great joy, finally we can return to our normal life, day to day. That daily suffering is over, the suffering of seeing the in-laws suffer, of seeing Sandro every week in prison, everything is over.”

Rosell's wife, who has also been acquitted, insisted "justice has been done, now we do not have to look back." This morning I spoke with one of my daughters and I sent the little one a message as she was in class, my in-laws are happy too - for now we've only talked on the phone.”

Pineda also explained that "Sandro is happy, at last we are calm, now what we have to do is eat as a family, and look forwards, we have an honest, honourable and humble life and we want to continue along the same lines. I always look forwards.”


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