Marc-Andre ter Stegen: I miss being on the pitch

Marc-Andre ter Stegen: I miss being on the pitch

 El cancerbero mostró a través de sus redes como sigue poniéndose en forma desde su domicilio / | sport

The German goalkeeper narrated his day to day during the coronacrisis

Mar-Andre ter Stegen opened his doors, virtually, so fans can see how he's been living during the coronavirus crisis. The video was put on Barca's YouTube. The German goalkeeper narrated what he was up to.

He was happy to be at home with his son Ben, a baby who turned three months old today. "I try to be a dad, even in situations as negative as the coronavirus there's always something positive. Now I can be more with the family and see how he grows, so quickly. It's really nice to be with him. He sleeps a lot, that's true." 

Until now it was his wife Dani, who had been mainly looking after the baby when he woke up at night. "Now I can help with that too. Dani tells me that we can do one day one, then one day the other. For now I've only had to get up once but in half an hour he went back to sleep so I went back to bed."

Like anyone else today, "we're trying to do the best possible in this situation, we're trying to get people to stay at home, that's what we can do on social media," added Ter Stegen.

The goalkeeper spoke of his daily habits. "It's not a routine but it repeats a lot. We do sport before having lunch, but if we have to clean the house then we do it. We share it and I think that it's going well." 

Speaking to the team and coaches is possible. "Communication is easy, we divide into various groups to make it easier. And of course, we do what they tell us. I try to keep an open mind.

"I miss the pitch a lot, I'd like to be out there again playing football, it's what I miss most."

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