Man United think Barca are trying to drive up De Jong price

Man United think Barca are trying to drive up De Jong price

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The English side are interested in bringing in the midfielder in the summer

Man United are still obsessed with Frenkie de Jong. The English club are convinced they will have the chance to sign him in the summer and that president Joan Laporta's comments about De Jong being untransferrible were just an act to drive the price up.

Man United think De Jong will have the last word and he might be open to a move next season.

The only certainty for now is that Barca believe in De Jong and aren't thinking about putting him on the market. The club also say they won't force him to lower his salary but do expect a gesture from the player in that regard before the season finishes.

The Dutchman and his people have for now ignored any attempts to lower his salary and it seems they aren't interested in entering that game.

De Jong told Dutch media that he doesn't have or want to have any relationship with the current board, and that he felt tricked and attacked in the summer.

The Manchester Evening News reports that De Jong has spoken to coach Erik ten Hag to say that he would be open to a move in the summer.

United think that he should cost them less than their offer last summer given he's got a year less on his deal.

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