Man City interested in the Frenkie de Jong option

Man City interested in the Frenkie de Jong option

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The English side could be tempted to bring in the Dutch midfielder

Frenkie de Jong has become an interesting summer option for big European sides. He has not thrived at Barcelona and the club would sell at the right price. Man United and PSG have spoken to Barcelona and Man City are the latest to check the price. Bayern Munich, immersed in the Lewandowski operation with Barcelona, seem like they will not enter the fight.

City think De Jong is a good profile for their squad but will not over pay. Man United are willing to offer 85m euros, which is more or less what they paid for him. It’s all up to the player, though.

City will not pay that much but could pay up front and include a player to make a deal cheaper. Barcelona want to make their money back. 

If Barcelona don’t push De Jong out, he will not leave, that is not his plan. It could be the club’s only option for a big sale this summer.

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