Luis Suarez's response to Lionel Messi's message

The Uruguayan thanked the Argentine for his words and backed Leo too

Messi sobre el adiós de Suárez: A esta altura, ya no me sorprende nada | EFE

Luis Suarez answered Lionel Messi on Instagram after the Argentine left the Urugayan a farewell message for his move to Atletico Madrid.

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"Thanks friend, for your words, but more thanks for being how you are, how you were from the first day with me and your family," wrote Suarez. "I will always be grateful to the human Leo Messi, the funny and sentimental one, because as a player, everyone knows (what you are).

"Don't forget what I told you, 'stay enjoying it and showing why you are No 1, and that 2, 3, and 4 together don't match the giant that you are for the club and for the football world. I love you a lot friend and we'll miss all five of you."

El mensaje de respuesta de Luis Suárez a Leo Messi | INSTAGRAM


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