Luis Suarez's rebuke of Barca team-mate Ousmane Dembele

He told the Frenchman he must be more focused and responsible

Ousmane Dembélé, un rebelde sin causa | Perform

Ousmane Dembele’s situation has resulted even in public criticism from other Barcelona stars in the dressing room. Luis Suarez was quick to give him some advice about being more responsible.

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“It’s not that he’s not adapted to the dressing room, the relationship he has with his team-mates is very good,” said the Barca striker. “But some people have said it and Ousmane knows himself that it’s a privilege to be where we are. Maybe sometimes you have to focus yourself more and be more responsible in some things. He’s very young and can be inspired by the more experienced players around him.”

Suarez, as one of the dressing room heavyweights, is trying to guide Dembele back to the right path. “He deserves to be at Barca,” concluded the Uruguayan, but his rebuke was there for all to see.


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