Luis Suarez's move to Juventus on hold as striker considers options

Luis Suarez's move to Juventus on hold as striker considers options

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The forward doesn't want to rush what could be the last big move of his career

Luis Suarez's move to Juventus is not as close as reports in Italy have suggested in recent hours. The player is still weighing up the possibility and for now nothing is certain. Suarez wants to assess all his options before making a final decision. He will make his mind up once he's convinced what's right for him. 

Suarez has doubts about Juve and has still not given the green light to the operation. It's a real possibility and it remains on the table, but the Uruguay forward is aware that this is the last big move of his career and he wants to be completely sure that he makes the right decision. 


Juventus, meanwhile, are looking at other strikers and have contacted Alvaro Morata, who has asked Atletico Madrid to consider letting him re-join his former club, according to various reports in Madrid. 

The same reports say Atletico coach Diego Simeone has named Suarez as the player he'd like to replace Morata. However, Suarez has still no received an official offer from the Rojiblancos -- it's all speculation for now. 


Suarez continued to train with Barça and remains professional. He's still upset at the way the club communicated they wanted him to leave, especially after saying on more than one occasion he would accept a backup role to facilitate a young forward. 

For that reason, Suarez's future remains in the air with no immediate solution expected. Firstly, his lawyers must reach an agreement for the recision of his contract. 

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