Luis Suarez to SPORT: The feelings are very good

Luis Suarez to SPORT: The feelings are very good

Felicidad en Can Barça en una jornada de entrenamientos en la que lo mejor es el regreso cada vez más cercano de Luis Suárez | FC Barcelona

The player is ready to return and help the team in the remainder of the season

Speaking exclusively to Sport, Luis Suarez said that during the confinement "it's been a very rare situation but we're taking it on well with Juanjo (Barca fitness coach) and working from home via mobile, with the exercises he sends me and on video call."

The Uruguayan said that returning to training has been a blessing. "I'm really happy," said Suarez. "At first I did some days with Juanjo and then bit by bit I got back into the group. Now I have been working for a few days with the group."

He admits the coronavirus crisis has helped him. "In part the coronavirus helped me gain time in my recovery, I will be able to play in games in which I wasn't able to play, I'm very happy for that but there's the negative side too with the situation that many people are living in today."

Suarez is still focused. "The ambitions are the same, win all we can and I think that we're in good shape to do that, I see the team doing well and it's hopeful," he added.

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