Luis Suarez: It hurts because we all wanted to reach an agreement

The Barça striker spoke about the decision to take a big wage reduction

El jugador uruguayo subió a su Instagram cómo está entrenando de cara a reaparecer al término del parón liguero | sport

Luis Suarez, the Barcelona forward, is optimistic in terms of his recovery after undergoing surgery on his knee in January and being ruled out for four months.

The Uruguayan striker, in an interview with Sport890 in his homeland, said: "With all this (the coronavirus stoppage), I am not going to miss any more games now (...) but it will be difficult to return to normality. 

"There are teams losing a lot of money, due to the television rights, loss of merchandising, and it will be tough to recover fro some clubs." 

Barça players are helping the club by taking a 70 percent wage cut and also contributing additional money to ensure no non-sporting staff have to lose their wages during Spain's state of emergency. 

Before that agreement was announced, it had been reported that the players were had rejected the club's proposal, which was not true and didn't sit well. 

"It hurts you because we all wanted to reach an agreement," Suarez added. "Things were said, like the players didn't want to come to an understanding. But we hadn't agreed on anything because we waiting to find the best solution for the club and which would help those having a bad time.

"It was a mutual agreement between all the players, no one in the squad said no, we all wanted to collaborate."


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