Luis Suarez exclusive: A lot of things were invented about my injury

The Barcelona striker missed the Copa del Rey final to undergo surgery

Luis Suárez explica por qué se perdió la final de la Copa del Rey y su lesión en Anfield | Maite Jiménez

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Jordi Gil


In the interview which Luis Suarez gave to SPORT, the Uruguayan striker spoke about the controversy which surrounded his injury problems last season. The Barcelona man didn't hide his anger at some of the information which was published at the time, even saying that a lot was made up. 

Suarez, a player completely committed to the team, was hurt by some of what was published when he was forced to miss the Copa del Rey final loss to Valencia in order to undergo surgery. 

How do you feel after recent injuries?

I've been injured twice this season. I cleared it all up while with Uruguay because a lot was said. I knew how long I was going to be out for more or less (the second time) because I spoke with the doctors. (The media) said that I was going to have an injection to play against Celta and go with the national team... neither Uruguay nor Barça would allow that. It wasn't necessary for two friendlies. You have to get used to it at the end of the day and time will heal everything. 

A lot was said about your knee injury before the Copa del Rey final as well.

I tried to clear that up at the time because it hurt to lose the final and for me to be blamed. They said we lost the Copa because we didn't have a No.9, that Suarez hadn't played... and that hurt me. If I ask you, someone who writes for a living and has a broken bone in the hand and the doctor tells you you have this injury, can you write? No, it's difficult. I had a torn meniscus. How can I go against the doctor? It is impossible. They invent things. The injury I had at the start of last season was a cartilage problem, it was nothing to do with the meniscus. 

The meniscus injury happened at Anfield?

Yes. There were 10, 15 minutes to go. With the adrenaline, I kept going. I didn't feel much pain. After, in the dressing room, I felt it, put ice on... but I am not going to keep clearing things up. 


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