Luis Suarez breaks down in tears at his goodbye

The Uruguayan striker was emotional at his goodbye from Barcelona

Luis Suárez se marcha llorando de la Ciudad Deportiva | Jugones La Sexta

Finally, the rumours are confirmed. Luis Suarez says goodbye to Barcelona after six seasons, to sign for Atletico Madrid. The Uruguayan had a goodbye event on Thursday at the club, and a news conference.

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Suarez started to cry while president Josep Maria Bartomeu was speaking and it was impossible not to feel for him.

"I have nothing prepared, this is improvised and I don't know what to say, it's difficult," said the Uruguayan. "The club believed in me from the start and I will always be grateful for the treatment they had for me. They backed me after an error I committed (biting Chiellini at the 2014 World Cup) and that is not easy."

Suarez added: "A human being, with sentiments, is going, and that's difficult. I only want to remember the good, that my children saw me playing for the best team in the history of football."


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