Luis Suarez announces his return for football's comeback

The Uruguayan is sure he'll be ready for football when it restarts

Luis Suárez continúa mostrando su recuperación | @luissuarez9

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FC Barcelona striker Luis Suarez spoke to Referi, the sporting section of the Observador newspaper in Uruguay. The player showed his human side and also gave Barcelona fans some promising news.

"The doctor told me my recovery was going too well and that gave me hope of coming back as soon as possible. The difference now is that when the team comes back, I'll be back with them," said Suarez. 

He said he was at home working his quads "which right now is the most important thing". Suarez thinks people "have to accept the country's decisions, some will agree and others won't but it's difficult to be in this situation. The best thing is to be cautious from the start and close borders to avoid the contagion expanding, which is what happened."



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