Luis Enrique not included in Barcelona players' Whatsapp group

Javier Miguel

Barcelona's players have a means of communicating that more than one fan would 'kill' for the chance to sneak a peak, let alone be able to actively participate in. We're talking about the Whatsapp group which all the members of the first team, as well as some other employees, use to chat. 

The adminstrator of the group -- the person in charge of adding and removing people -- is Gerard Pique. The Catalan defender is very active when it comes to technology. Remember the controversy his Periscopes caused and the fact he now doesn't use that particular app any more to communicate with his fans. 

This particular Whatsapp group is used most often to communicate and make arrangements during away games and nights spent in hotels, but there are some absentees. Among them is Luis Enrique -- as well as the rest of his coaching sert-up in the first team and the club's directors and executives. 

We don't know the motives the coaches have not been included, but it's an understandable stance given that, even though there's a good relationship with them, they are still the 'bosses'. For that reason, if one day anyone has to express any concerns, it's easier to do so without being observed. 



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