Liverpool's condition for selling Philippe Coutinho to Barça in January

The English club want more than Barcelona spent on Dembele

They feel Coutinho is worth more than the France international

Coutinho, un fichaje histórico

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03/01/2018 - sport

Liverpool's condition for selling Philippe Coutinho to Barça in January



Barcelona and Liverpool are finalising the details of the transfer of Philippe Coutinho and, little by little, more information about the complicated deal are coming out. 

Liverpool have demanded that Barça pay more than the 140 million euros they spent on Ousmane Dembele because they feel Coutinho is a step ahead of the former Dortmund man at this stage in their respective careers. 

The Catalan club signed Dembele this summer after drawn out negotiations with Dortmund, eventually paying 105 million euros up front with another 40 million euros potentially due in add ons. 

With Coutinho, Liverpool said no in the summer and refused to negotiate the Brazilian's exit. 

During September, though, Coutinho's agents re-opened the talks. They had Liverpool's word that they would let the player leave if a fair offer arrived in January. 

And the Premier League club reminded them that Barça had paid around 140 million euros for Dembele, so Coutinho would have to cost more. 

His Value, Liverpool feel, is higher as a regular Brazil international at 25. That argument has never been disputed and has marked the talks, which could conclude in a matter of days. 


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