Lionel Messi's rapid visit to his diet guru in Italy

The Argentine went to Sicily to meet the Italian dietician whom he has been working with in recent years

 El argentino viajó hasta Sicile (Italia) para visitar a su kiniesólogo de confianza | QUIMI ORTIZ

Lionel Messi made an express visit to Italy to visit his nutritionist Giuluano Poser.

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Messi went early in the morning and by 3pm Monday he was already back. The visit didn’t surprise anyone as we know that Messi has kept Poser as a man he trusts for several years, working as his dietician.

Poser changed Messi’s diet which has helped the Argentine star perform at his extraordinary level.

Messi last went to visit the Italian in May, ahead of the Russia World Cup.

Barca player liaison officer Pepe Costa went with Messi to Italy.

Poser also has Kun Aguero, Vietto and Angel Di Maria as clients.

The doctor uses Bach flower remedies as part of his work with elite sports people.


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