Lionel Messi's monumental disgust as Barca throw it away


Lionel Messi's monumental disgust as Barca throw it away

They are no longer in a realistic position to win La Liga this season

Leo Messi was motivated to win the double, despite the season being a difficult one. He wanted to leave but ended up staying and in 2021 especially he has been in fantastic form.

Bartomeu went and Joan Laporta took over, a favourable cocktail for the Argentine. That’s why he wore a face of disappointment at the Ciutat de Valencia. And against Granada. And against Atletico. The draw with Levante broke something in the Argentine.

He was the best player in the first half, scoring a fine goal, but he and the others dropped their level after the break. They took a step back and relaxed and paid a high cost.

Dembele’s goal put them back ahead but another mistake cost them their third goal against, and La Liga. A painful goodbye. Gol reported Messi was sunk after the draw. Indignation, rage, impotence. He lived through the last 10 minutes apathetically.

He was hurt because he felt the double in his hands. Messi has not wanted to speak about his future until the season is over, which it nearly is.

Levante had a corner late on, and Messi was walking away, back to the game, ready to go down the tunnel. He saluted Paco Lopez and headed off. Another night to forget. They are becoming too many for the Argentine star.

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