Lionel Messi's message to Barca fans after signing for PSG

Lionel Messi's message to Barca fans after signing for PSG

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The Argentine said supporters knew he would join a club where he could keep winning

Lionel Messi leaving Barca this summer stunned the club’s fans. During the presentation he had as a new Paris Saint-Germain player, he sent a message to Barça fans, who have seen him grow since he debuted in 2004 with the first team until he became the best player at the club and in the world.

"I left without knowing where I would go ... I will always be grateful to them for their affection,” said Messi. “I have experienced many things, good and bad. The fans knew that I would come to a strong and competitive team in which I could fight for the Champions League; They already know that I am a winner. I have no doubt that PSG shares my goals because they want to continue growing as a club.

He was asked what he would feel about facing Barca potentially in the Champions League. 

"I don't know if we will face each other, on the one hand it would be nice to go back to Barcelona and, above all, to do it with fans in the stands; but, on the other hand, it would be strange to go home wearing another shirt,” said Messi. “This is football and it could happen, but we'll see.”

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