Lionel Messi's four options: Barcelona, Man City, PSG or MLS

The forward is out of contract in June and is free to decide his own future

Albert Masnou

Lionel Messi made it clear that he would like to play in the United States one day, which is where Pele retired after 19 years with Santos.

Other options in the past have been to end his career with hometown club Newell's Old Boys or in China.

As of today, though, Messi has four options for next season: Barcelona, Manchester City, Paris Saint-Germain and Major League Soccer. We will see what path he takes.

Any decision will have a key factor in mind: in December 2022, the World Cup will be played in Qatar, which will probably be his last as a player.


Staying at Barcelona has not been ruled out. It's something which is gaining strength, in fact.

Messi made it clear that he will wait until the elections and will meet with the new president to hear their plans for the Catalan club.

The result of that conversation could be key in helping Messi decide if he extends his Camp Nou stay of leaves when his terms expire in the summer.

His family will press to stay in Catalonia, which is in the club's favour, as his long history with the club and the link he shares with the city.

Guardiola's Man City

Pep Guardiola is a guarantee for Messi to enjoy himself on the pitch and be closer to trophies. The tense end to Guardiola's spell as Barça boss has slowly been forgotten and both remember the good times, times which could now be repeated in Manchester.

Guardiola has extended his contract with City until 2023, two years that could fit in with Messi joining the Premier League side.

The contact between the two is constant and City wanted him last summer. The presence of Sergio Aguero, among other things, could help persuade Messi to move to the north of England.

Neymar's PSG

If Guardiola's pushing for City, Neymar's doing PSG's bidding. The Brazilian has already said he wants to play with Messi next season. If Barça don't have the cash to sign Ney, PSG do have the money for Messi. The club has a Qatari owner, too, which is where the next World Cup will be played. Something worth keeping in mind, perhaps.

However, PSG do have one problem. With the Argentine on board, their salary limit would oblige them to make cutbacks elsewhere in the squad.

The fact that Neymar and Kylian Mbappe are out of contract in 2022 could mean this summer is an opportunity to sell one of them. And PSG know both Liverpool and Real Madrid are capable of paying for the French forward.

USA... 2023

Going to Major League Soccer is an experience Leo's said he would like to try. The problem is when. It doesn't seem likely he will go this summer, especially considering the salary limits in the U.S league and because Messi still has a lot of top level football in him ahead of the World Cup.

The year 2023 has been spoken about when he could go to Miami with friend and former teammate Luis Suarez. For now, though, the chances of a U.S adventure are slim.




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