Lionel Messi voted for Pedri in the Kopa Trophy at Ballon d'Or

The Argentine gave all three points to Pedri in the voting for the best young player in the world

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Ivan San Antonio

When Pedri won the Kopa Trophy at the France Football gala he remembered Lionel Messi. “Thanks, Leo, for all you helped me with,” said Pedri in his speech. Not just playing to the galleries but a sincere show of affection.

The relationship between them is very good and the proof of it was seen at the ceremony. The PSG player came to the private zone where Pedri was with his family and greeted them one by one, even going as far as to give his mother kisses on each cheek. He chatted quickly with Pedri too, asking him how he was injury-wise and giving him his best wishes for a quick recovery.

SPORT have learned that Messi also gave Pedri his top vote in the Kopa Trophy award, which he could vote in as captain of Argentina.

Three points to the Spaniard, two for PSG full-back Nuno Mendes and one for Jude Bellingham of Borussia Dortmund. Messi has no doubt, the future of football will be heavily impacted by Pedri Gonzalez.



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