Lionel Messi has spoken to Pep Guardiola

The two discussed a potential move to Manchester City to link up again

Messi solicita al Barça la carta de libertad para fichar por otro club | Efe

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Manchester City want Leo Messi and in the last few hours various media outlets have reported that he has spoken to Pep Guardiola about joining the English club.

According to the stories, Messi spoke with the former Barcelona coach to let him know that he had decided to leave the Blaugrana and wanted to find out if City would be interested and could take on the difficulty that a transfer as complex as his would entail.

The Argentine crack and the current Manchester City coach always maintained a good relationship, both on and off the pitch, that is why Messi, if he finally left Barça, would have a team waiting for him, where he would try to continue winning titles with Guardiola.

The biggest problem that City have right now, assuming that Guardiola would welcome Messi with open arms, is how to finance his signing without breaking the Financial Fair Play rules.





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